Our mission is to bring the surrounding Gallup communities together to be entertained by the films that made us fall in love with “The Movies.”  At the same time, we are embracing the independent lens of today’s thought provoking and game-changing filmmakers from across the country and around the globe.  We invite you to join us as we share in a one-of-a-kind experience, the power of watching timeless stories told on the silver screen.


We believe stories shape and transform who we are and what we do both individually and collectively.  We produce, promote and present socially conscious media in addition to our annual festival of film and the related arts, which celebrates the art of being human and the craft of being an artist and storyteller.  We strive to work with filmmakers, storytellers, artists, musicians and change makers to bring about a more tolerant and compassionate world.  We do this through the responsible use of community resources-producing educational workshops, lectures and screenings-all while representing the unique character of the Southwest.


The annual Gallup Film Festival was founded in 2012 by performing artist, Knifewing Segura.

The Gallup Film Festival Board is comprised of a group of accomplished experts, who serve on various leadership levels to represent and preserve the unique identity and vision of the Gallup Film Festival. The GFF is dedicated to showcasing and promoting exceptional films to the entertainment industry. Designed to bridge the world of cinematic excellence with the renowned community of Gallup, the GFF hosts world-class screenings, networking events, and performing arts.

Program Directors

Knifewing Segura

Festival Director/Founder

Beverly Newman

Board Members

Knifewing Segura
Beverly Newman
Roger Willie
Dorie Havens
Pamela Holland

Jury Members

Beverly Newman
Knifewing Segura
Joe-Elliott Nez
Robert Aly
Janet Greenwald

Event Coordinators

Beverly Newman
Knifewing Segura
Hawk Segura